We were invited by the team of designers at ProSlide to add a few perspective illustrations to their client presentation for an indoor water park in Asia. The initial brief and discussions with the client outlined a journey of discovery for visitors through a jungle once inhabited by a “Lost Civilization”. The illustration above is the Arrival Experience that greets the guests as they emerge from the lockers and changing rooms. A raucous river tumbles over waterfalls and flows into the deep overgrown jungle, beckoning the guests to explore and enjoy the fun ahead.

This was the starting point. We used a SketchUp model to establish the best viewpoint and proper scale. The water park was part of a shopping mall which meant we had to work with the necessary structural elements such as support columns, ceilings and floors. The columns easily became gnarled, ancient trees and the ceilings where shrouded by lush jungle foliage and vines

Composition Studies

Diagram Showing the Water Flow


I experimented with one concept for the footbridge using rope construction intertwined with vines and roots. I played with a second concept using a fallen tree that was hollowed out as shown in the skech above