1. Based on your communicated needs and the information you provide (listed in PART I below) I will work with you to find the price that best meets the specifications of your project.
  2. I will submit a written proposal/agreement spelling out my commitment to you.
  3. Once I get back the signed agreement and a retainer fee (a percentage of the quote) I will also need to receive the additional information (listed below in PART II). I will then generate several views for you to consider and choose from, and send them to you for your approval.
  4. After you have made your choices, I will communicate clearly as my team and I work on the rendering - sending samples of progress so that your design team can give input as needed. Because I am skilled at reading plans, I can often help you to nail down details,  troubleshoot problems, and/or refine designs.  After several rounds and clear agreement, we will proceed upon your approval. 
  5. Changes to the drawing, or re-design of your project made after approval may result in added fees.  I will clearly communicate any changes in price for this or other reasons (such as changes in deadlines or added scope). 
  6. Upon completion of the illustrations, I will deliver the images via email or FTP , as well as send an invoice for the remainder of my fee.
  7.  I will follow up to make sure that your clients were pleased… and that the artwork met your needs.

In order to create your architectural illustration, there are a few pieces of information I will need to receive from you or your company:

PART I(to create your custom quote)

  1. A site or floor plan (these can be vector files like CAD or SketchUp or raster image file formats such as PDF, JPEG, TIF, etc.)
  2. Elevations or photos of the architectural style.
  3. Indications of the view you want to see (pedestrian view, aerial view, etc.).
  4. Whether you want a day or night scene.
  5. The Level of Finish (Concept Sketch, Refined Sketch, Technical Art, or High Finished Artwork) you need.
  6. The medium (pen and ink, marker, water color, digital or hybrid) you want.
  7. Your time-frame.

PART II(to complete your illustration)

This information will be needed when the artwork begins :

  • photos
  • color samples
  • paint chips
  • fabric swatches
  • brick samples
  • cut sheets

and all specific instructions and/or reference material. 
The timely submission of these items will determine my ability to meet your deadlines. 

I look forward to the collaborative process…and to creating a rendering of your designs.