The Tom Sherrill Difference

In today’s world, there are plenty of computer jockeys. There are cheap “chop shops” that copy and paste images together (often delivering a cold, flat, or inaccurate product).

But I can offer you more. 

Good architectural illustration works hand in glove with the design process –and the two can greatly inform one another.  I pay close attention to details to ensure that your graphics represent a high level of accuracy and quality (indoors and out!). 

Being able to visually explore a project before it is built offers designers and stakeholders more opportunities to refine or improve ideas, and this high level of collaboration can greatly improves outcomes.  It is always better to take the time to find errors or make improvements before the final product leaves your hands (and this can save a company a great deal of both time and money).

I am also able to communicate with a variety of constituents (city planners,  engineers, architects, landscape architects, clients, etc.) to bring all threads of a project into one seamless and shared vision. There is nothing like clarity, and having everyone on the same page, to successfully move a project forward.  

Another thing  I offer is my love of art.  I live to make beautiful pictures. I will work night and day to give you the very best images possible (under your particular circumstances).

And lastly, I WANT TO MAKE YOU LOOK GOOD. I  am happy to work in a variety of styles to find the one that will best meet your needs. Having powerful graphics will help your company stand head and shoulders above the rest.  Let me help give you an edge in today’s competitive marketplace.